Why a Website?

A website is the first impression you make to potential clients, just like a handshake. But, unlike other advertising methods, a properly built website has the unique ability to be in someone’s pocket (ie. phone) in the exact moment they need your services.

  • Get leads
  • Get opt-ins
  • Engage potential clients
  • Drive paid traffic
  • Get organic visitors
  • Be used with flyers, billboards, etc.
  • Be considered in a business valuation
  • Promote specials/events
  • Be used for hiring
  • Show you can help
  • Gain trust
  • Break down client barriers
  • Share company info
  • Make your business appear bigger than it is
  • Show you’re modern
  • Display your reviews
  • Show your services
  • Be used in social media
  • Show your portfolio

About a Wolf Advertising Site

The Skill

The quality you see on this website and the demo site is the same quality you will receive in your new site. Often, client websites look better because more time is invested in them.

The Communication

You will always receive constant communication throughout the process, including progress updates, suggestions, and more, but always feel free to send your requests, changes, and questions!

The Input

Your input is wanted. Along with existing colors, pages, applicable design features, and other elements from your old site, your requests will be used when designing your new site!

The Images

Alongside your business images or portfolios, you will see a vast array of premium stock images on your new site, all relating to your business! An image can speak 1,000 words, especially online.

The Design

These websites won't just look good on just one your desktop, but on your phone and tablet! They will also include design elements that are appropriate to your unique niche and business.

The Troubleshooting

If something doesn't work right, takes twice as long as it should to complete, or simply won't do what it's supposed to, then you'll never hear about it! Focus on running your business!

See the Demo Site

Your site can do more than what it’s doing now. Check out the demo site to see what can be used on your new site! Invest in your digital real estate like you would your physical location!

Demo SiteContact

Bonus Features

Maintenance plans include a variety of bonus features that you might be interested in, and can even stop you from getting sued! Check them out here!


You can have access to premium-grade business hosting without the fees and hassles associated with it.


Want something changed? Just send an e-mail and have it done for you, from specials to removing old info!

Speed Boosting

Seconds can cost you leads! Let your site load fast for people interested in your services!


Our sites are compliant with federal accessibility laws. If yours isn't, then you can be sued. Learn more


Get your site secure with an authenticated SSL certificate! Boosts client/search engine credibility!


Keep your site, plugins, and core features up-to-date with the latest internet security, releases, and more!

How Should You View Your Website?

  • It’s your digital real estate/location. The people who walk in get to browse, ask questions, see what you do, and even go to checkout.
  • It’s your best salesman. It never sleeps, it doesn’t go to lunch, it’s not playing video games on your company computer, and it complements your other forms of advertising, from flyers to Google Ads.
  • It’s one of your most valuable assets. If done right, it can be downright powerful in terms of conversions, brand awareness, list building, and more.

What do you get?

  • A customized website
  • Bonus Features (with maintenance)
  • Hosting help (if needed)
  • A new domain (if needed)
  • Many features on the demo site
  • Minimal site downtime
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • Landing pages (on request)
  • Interactive contact form
  • All necessary pages
  • Stock images
  • Professional design
  • Functional design
  • Engaging layout for customers
  • Easy navigation
  • Built with the best of your old site
  • Built with your input
  • Built with modern technology
  • Built in 3 weeks or less
  • Changes
  • Recommendations
  • Quality customer service
  • Your business goals in mind


Every niche, business, and website is unique. Because of this, the price of your new site will be unique too. Use the contact form to request a quote!



Yes, totally! If you already bought the domain, then there’s no way we could own it anyways! Heck, even if I have to buy a domain on your behalf, you’ll still get to keep it! Don’t worry about that, or having to deal with hosting or DNS issues.

Yes, but it shouldn’t be a problem. If you have changes, new info, a new special, or things like that, then those are more than covered in the monthly maintenance plan! However, if you ask to change something 3 or 4 times in a row, want a completely complex feature added, desire a lead-gen quiz, or want to completely rebuild the site, then there will have to be an appropriate fee attached.

While it is an optional feature, every Wolf Advertising website is on a high-quality and high-capacity server at GoDaddy. Let’s put it this way: it’s super sweet! And these servers will not be overcrowded, so your website is going to have a lot of “elbow room” to work fast.

However, it should be noted that, while a site transfer is an option, most business owners prefer direct ownership over their domain and the simplicity that comes with that. In this case, you still have a hosting plan (which doesn’t need to be much), but the domain is “pointed” towards our server. This way, when people type in your domain, they go from your server to ours to see the website, without even realizing they went from different servers.

No worries! If you aren’t in this almost every day, it can get pretty confusing! While you are ultimately the best judge, use the contact form to receive personalized advice for your business via phone, e-mail, or an over-the-shoulder video, even if the advice is to go with someone else! I’ll explain things as we go.

All web design is kept in-house for security and to maintain the Wolf Advertising personal touch. However, trusted outside help may be called-in for complex scenarios.

Certainly! There is an official FAQ page, but you are always free to use the contact form!

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Check out the demo site, see if you qualify above, check for the latest special, or simply use the contact form! Whatever you choose, there’s no obligations, just helping you!

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